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La Viola Vixen

Queen of the Quiver! Viola is known across the globe for her ground shaking shimmy and striking stage presence, said to be a vision of golden age burlesque brought to life before your very eyes. Performing sassy stripteases in the world’s most notorious festivals and cabaret cities since 2006.

In 2012 Miss Vixen relocated to Berlin where she has built herself a new creative and inspiring burly home, and in 2014 gave birth to her beautiful baby girl there, so Berlin will be called home for some time to come!

Viola is also renowned for her productions and teaching of the tease! 

She is co-producer of Berlin’s ‘Sunday Soiree, The Shimmy Shake Show and in Oz; VIXEN – Burlesque Dance Party, The BIG Burlesque Show, The Bombshell Ball and some others back in Australia.

She is the owner and founder of The SHIMMY SHAKE BERLIN Burlesque School, The co-founder of Berlin Burlesque Academy and the previous owner of The Bombshell Burlesque Academy in Brisbane.

In 2016 Viola will co-produce the first annual Berlin Burlesque Week which will be a week long international burlesque extravaganza!

She has carved herself quite the reputation as a unique strip-artiste. Viola’s impeccable sense of theatricality and captivating command of old school burly-q and classic showgirl dance styles sees her at the forefront of Australia’s burlesque comeback.



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