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short page frameLa Viola Vixen has been teaching the tease for almost 10 years now! She learnt to run classes almost before she could walk the burly walk (so to speak)! Starting with Lola the Vamps notorious, ‘La Lola Salon’ school in Brisbane, after her tutor honoured her by requesting that she take over teaching some classes. YES! She then went on to teach for a variety of schools before starting her own academy ‘The Bombshell Burlesque Academy’ now run by Lila Luxx is the biggest burlesque school on Australias East Coast! 

After moving to Berlin she initially collaborated in creating the Berlin Burlesque Academy, before moving on to begin her very own company, The SHIMMY SHAKE BERLIN Burlesque School, which now successfully runs regular classes from a permanent location in Berlins popular area of Friedrichshain. 

Priding herself on her ability to bring out the burlesque diva in every student, Viola adores the teaching environment and helping girls find a little bit of burlesque sass for themselves! For her current workshop schedule see her schools sites:


“La Viola Vixen was the perfect teacher, everyone had a great time and felt very comfortable in the class.”
… Student Quote – Berlin 2013

“Wanted to say thank you to La Viola Vixen for the perfect workshop yesterday. We enjoyed her class so much!
Cant wait for the next one.”  
… Student Quote – Berlin 2014

“Viola’s classes are always my favourite. She’s such a fun teacher!”  
... Student Quote – Australia 2012

“Thank you for finally giving me the confidence to get on stage, I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement.”  
... Student Quote – Australia 2012

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